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NIKE EYBL Atlanta: All-Underclassmen Team

By D1 Circuit Staff, 05/16/18, 6:45PM EDT


Sharife Cooper

Team: AOT Running Rebels (GA)
Record: 4-0 (10-2 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 15.5 PPG, 5.3 RPG, 5.3 APG, 2.0 SPG
Full season stats

Game 1: 24 PTS, 3 REB, 5 AST, 4 STL
Game 2: 9 PTS, 5 REB, 3 AST 0 STL
Game 3: 13 PTS, 10 REB, 5 AST, STL
Game 4: 16 PTS, 3 REB, 8 AST, 3 STL

Sharife Cooper continued his stellar sophomore campaign in Atlanta, helping his AOT Running Rebels to a 4-0 showing while defending home turf. Cooper had his most complete game in the session opener, putting up 24 points, five assists and three rebounds in a win over guard-heavy Team WhyNot (CA). Cooper has proven to be one of top overall point guards on the circuit, and if he continues his tear through the regular season in Hampton, AOT will enter July as a favorite to take home the Peach Jam crown.

Adam Miller

Team: Mac Irvin Fire
Record: 2-2 (5-7 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 14.3 PPG, 2.5 RPG, 2.0 APG, 1.0 SPG
Full season stats

Game 1: 9 PTS, 2 REB, 4 AST, 2 STL
Game 2: 10 PTS, 3 REB, 2 AST, STL
Game 3: 21 PTS, 2 REB, AST
Game 4: 17 PTS, 3 REB, AST, STL

Adam Miller made his 17U EYBL debut for the Fire in Atlanta, and he quickly showed why he is considered one of the top sophomore prospects in the country. Miller caught fire in the session's final two games, hitting seven three-pointers against AOT followed by a 17-point performance against The Truth. Miller is returning from a knee injury, and once he's fully-healthy, he should put his current statistical averages to shame. 

Addison Patterson

Team: CIA Bounce (CA)
Record: 1-3 (4-8 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 17.3 PPG, 5.0 RPG, 3.0 APG, 1.5 SPG
Full season stats

Game 1: 26 PTS, 8 REB, 5 AST, 3 STL
Game 2: 18 PTS, 3 REB, 4 AST, 2 STL
Game 3: 10 PTS, 4 REB, 2 AST
Game 4: 18 PTS, 5 REB, 1 AST, 1 STL

Another session, another All-Underclassmen selection for CIA Bounce's Addison Patterson. The 6-foot-7 shooting guard is now averaging 20 points per game, thanks to another session of impressive offensive production. Patterson had his best game in the Atlanta opener, putting up 26 points, eight rebounds, five assists and three steals in a win over MEBO. CIA Bounce may not be in line for a Peach Jam berth in 2018, but the future is bright with Patterson leading the way.

Blaise Beauchamp

Team: Howard Pulley Panthers (MN)
Record: 2-2 (4-8 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 14.5 PPG, 11 3PTM, 1.5 RPG, 2.5 RPG
Full season stats

Game 1: 10 PTS, 2 REB, 3 AST
Game 2: 23 PTS (4 3PTM), 2 REB, AST, 2 STL
Game 3: 12 PTS (4 3PTM), REB, STL 
Game 4: 13 PTS (2 3PTM), REB, 5 AST

Howard Pulley pulled off two impressive upsets in Atlanta, and they wouldn't have done so without Beauchamp. The 6-foot-2 guard scored 23 points against E1T1, stretching the defense with terrific perimeter shooting (4 3PTM). He followed that up with four more triples in an upset win over No. 2 Team CP3. Beauchamp scored in double-figures in all four games, landing an invite to June's Elite 100 camp in St. Louis. Pulley will need a perfect fourth session in order to qualify for Peach Jam, which means Beauchamp needs to continue his uptick in production.

Nimari Burnett

Team: Team WhyNot (CA)
Record: 2-2 (5-7 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 16.8 PPG, 3.3 RPG, 2.0 APG
Full season stats

Game 1: 8 PTS, 4 REB, AST, STL
Game 2: 16 PTS, 4 REB, 3 AST, BLK
Game 3: 22 PTS, 3 REB, 3 AST, STL
Game 4: 22 PTS, 2 REB, AST, STL

Nimari Burnett joined Team WhyNot (CA) in Atlanta, fresh off helping Dream Vision to an undefeated mark in the adidas Gauntlet. Burnett didn't disappoint, averaging 20 points per game after a sluggish 8-point EYBL debut. Burnett's attacked ability was on full-display, and if he can continue the instant production he gave WhyNot in Atlanta, then Team WhyNot has a great chance of going 3-1 or 4-0 in Hampton. Anything less would likely mean missing Peach Jam for WhyNot, so Burnett's continued production will be crucial during session four.

Paolo Banchero

Team: Seattle Rotary Style (WA)
Record: 3-1 (8-4 overall)

EYBL Atlanta stats: 13.8 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 2.0 APG, 1.0 BPG
Full season stats

Game 1: 9 PTS, 3 REB, 2 BLK
Game 2: 11 PTS, 6 REB, AST, STL, 2 BLK
Game 3: 29 PTS, 9 REB, 3 AST, 2 BLK
Game 4: 6 PTS, 8 REB, 4 AST

One look at Paolo Banchero, and it's easy to forget that he's a freshman. The 6-foot-8 big man continued his strong 2018 campaign alongside star Jaden McDaniels, averaging 13.8 points pre game while assisting Rotary to a 3-1 session record. Banchero exploded against Rose City, racking up 29 points, nine rebounds, three assists and two blocks in a comeback win. He tallied 23 rebounds and eight assists in his last three games, proving that he can do more than score and defend. Banchero is a major cog in Rotary's system, and he's only going to get better as he progresses through his EYBL career.

Daeshun Ruffin

HONORABLE MENTION (3 games played)

Team: MEBO Elite (MS)
Record: 2-2

EYBL Atlanta stats: 12.3 PPG, 4.0 RPG, 4.0 APG, 1.5. SPG 
Full season stats

Game 1: 10 PTS, 2 REB, 3 AST, 1 STL
Game 2: 14 PTS, 6 REB, 5 AST, 2 STL 
Game 3: 13 PTS, 4 REB, 4 AST, 1 STL

MEBO called up Daeshun Ruffin for session three, and the 5-foot-11 freshman didn't disappoint. Ruffin played three games for MEBO, averaging 12.3 points and 4.0 rebounds while helping them to two huge wins. Ruffin didn't qualify for the official underclassmen team as he only participated in three games, but his instant production was too impressive to ignore. MEBO is currently 3-9 in the 17U EYBL, but with underclassmen like Ruffin in the program, the Mississippi-based EYBL program's future is in good hands.

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