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Howard Pulley Alum Named Head Coach

The Pulley Collection Vol.1

Message From Howard Pulley Basketball

A message from Howard Pulley Basketball

The horrible murder of George Floyd and the subsequent actions of some in law enforcement over the past few days is a clear sign of a mindset and behaviors that have fueled injustice in our country for hundreds of years. We denounce those actions and align ourselves with those who are protesting for justice in non-destructive ways for Mr. Floyd and to end all systemic racism and corruption in MN and across the country. We do not condone the violence, destruction, and criminal behavior.

We are with you and support you. Please stay safe and thoughtful.



Daniel Oturu - Was drafted by the Los Angeles Clippers.

Tre Jones - Was drafted by the San Antonio Spurs. 

Howard Pulley veterans and current Minnesota Golden Gophers Daniel Oturu and Gabe Kalscheur joined forces with 2022 top recruit Tre Holloman, attending a basketball event at Masonic Children's hospital in mid-July.

Pictured is the guys with Megan, a longtime patient at Masonic who was actually spending her last day in the hospital the same day as the visit. Daniel, Gabe, and Tre were thrilled to be there to send her off in style.

2021 Player Participation Payment Option

Player Offers

Player Name Offers
Tre Holloman 2022 Minnesota, Texas, Baylor, Wisconsin, North Carolina Central, Nebraska, Michigan State, Marquette, Iowa State, Iowa, St. Thomas
D.J. Jefferson 2022 Memphis, Wichita State, Virginia Tech, Creighton, Oregon, St., Georgetown, Oregon, Tulsa, TCU, DePaul, Bryant
Caleb Siwek 2022 Minnesota-Duluth, Concordia-St. Paul
C.J. Campbell 2022 Northern Michigan
Will Underwood 2023 Portland
Nolan Winter 2023 Minnesota


Dedrick Jenkins

Dedrick Jenkins

17U Head Coach

Ken Maxey

Ken Maxey

17U Assistant Coach